Christian Schmidt's CV

Portrait photo City of residence:
Pattaya, Thailand

Fluent English
Fluent Danish
Some German
Some Thai

By now I have been working with development of miscellaneous scripts and applications in addition to support for general IT, cybersecurity, internet and telecommunication products. In between my occupations I worked independently on various projects for the WWW and I committed much of my time to development of computer games and peripheral applications for the great appreciation of their users.

Training on-line, I most recently passed courses in C++ and Android programming. Previously, I studied computer science and natural science at Copenhagen and Roskilde Universities and I passed the HHx exam at Roskilde Business College with an extra highlevel course. During my military service I was trained as a staff assistant in the Telegraph Regiment where I achieved a high degree of confidence from my peers and superiors with regard to assignments and responsibilities.

Personally, I value my commitment and quality awareness. This means I have a habit of completing my tasks with a unique sense of order and thoroughness. I am very innovative and in my previous occupations I have managed to contribute with several initiatives and administrative applications, which eased the workflow of my own and other departments. Others typically describe me as intelligent, optimist, attentive, helpful, empathic and courageous.

Education Highlights

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1 & 2
by University of Maryland, College Park, via Coursera
C++ For C Programmers
by University of California, Santa Cruz, via Coursera
Higher Commercial Education
at Roskilde Business College
Staff Assistant
in the Telegraph Regiment of the Danish army

Occupation Highlights

IT Supporter at Northguard ApS
All round IT support for consumer and business customers in a cybersecurity company.
Setup of virtual machines and development of scripts and applets.
Voice Talent at Andovar
Occational voice recording tasks for a localisation company.
Language Student at TLC Hua-Hin & Progress Language School Pattaya
Learned Thai language to stay in Thailand.
Guest Teacher at Wang Klai Kang Won Industrial and Community College 2
Help for pronounciation at English Camp event.
Assistant at Høje Taastrup Municipality
Packing workshop and setup of PC's.
Service Consultant at TDC
Reception of error-reports from customers and possibly correction by phone.
The work involved checking of services, interpretation of line measurements, troubleshooting of customer equipment and booking of technician schedules.
The department was specialised in analog telephony, but also served as a front-end for all TDC error services. Fortunately this offered some share of calls regarding ISDN, ADSL and Internet products.
HelpDesk Supporter at World Online
Support by telephone for setup and error correction of customers' Internet connections.
Among other things, configuration of browsers, mail clients, TCP / IP, modems, routers for ISDN, DSL and analog connections.
Small development projects; Miscellaneous utilities and databases for administration, statistics and printing of CD orders and account terminations.

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